Nintendo’s Zelda ' celebrates 30th anniversary with new amiibo characters

on February 21 this year filled the The Legend of Zelda series in 30 years and that Nintendo of course. During today’s Nintendo Direct was announced a series of new amiibo-figures that are based on The Legend of Zelda series, and these will be available in stores on december 2. The figures will be compatible with the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What are you going to buy?


Sony shows concept for the future and camera phone in slow motion

Sony was last out of the major phone manufacturers and early this morning, the company tore of his press conference. Ahead of the event circulated some rumors about what the company’s new phones would add, where one of the notorious functions would be that the screens would cover almost all of the phones ‘ front page. Now, it was not so, and Sony is actually the only player whose press conference didn’t contain exactly what the leaks stated in advance.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium is the name of the new phone that was presented. The screen does not cover the entire front, from this perspective keeps Sony at more or less the same design that was used with the predecessor Xperia XZ, including design overall. The new flagship has three main news; camera, screen and system circuit.

Xperia XZ Premium is Sony’s new flagship phone that is equipped with system circuit Snapdragon 835 and a 4 k HDR display.

the latter, system circuit, proved somewhat unexpected be Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, same system circuit that LG didn’t manage to grab to the new flagship G6. Sony highlighted several advantages that this entails, including better performance when fast photography, but also that the new phone will be prepared for 5 g-generation in the form of support for gigabit-LTE in Snapdragon 835. It does not mean, however, that the phone is ready for next generation radio technologies in 5 g generation.

The next improvement was the camera and Sony managed to actually surprise. The company has internally developing a new Exmor sensor for mobile devices that a memory chip is integrated directly in the camera sensor. This is used for a feature called the Motioneye that allows the user to record video in slow motion (slow-motion) in 960 frames per second, four times faster (or slower, if you will) than what is currently supported on the market.

Exmor-kamerasensorn is built in three layers where a stock is a memory circuit completely dedicated to your sensor.

Motioneye is a special recording mode as you turn when you switch to video mode in the camera app. You are recording in 720 p, and according to Sony’s representatives on site, camera sensor’s integrated memory did not record in higher resolutions than that. In Motioneye mode you can begin a normal video recording at any time press the Motioneye button after which the camera records a sequence that is 0.2 seconds long, but that becomes 6 seconds in slow-motion. When I got the function demonstrated for me the result was undeniably delicious, although the slightly lower resolution maybe is something of a disappointment. For those who just want to shoot video and post it on social networks or show off to family and friends are learning, however, do good.

Xperia XZ Premium can record short clips in 960 fps, which makes for really delicious slow-motion video.

Screen, which is not exhaustive, however, boasts with 4 k resolution and like LG G6 also boasts the support of improved gamut through HDR. This lifted Amazon Prime Video up as partners for 4 k HDR-compatible video content. Overall, Amazon seems to bet heavily on getting their own materials compatible with all possible products. The little time I got to spend with my phone did clearly an impressive impression, but as with all hectic demonstrations on an exhibition floor we need squeezing and feeling on the screen in a more orderly manner before we can express an opinion on its quality.

HDR is part of most new flagship phones, but Sony combines this with 4 k resolution.

in addition to the phone showed Sony even up the wireless headphones Xperia Ear. These Bluetooth headphones are compact to the format and supports playback of sound through head movements. If you want to change the song, for example, you need only turn your head to the left or right in a quick motion to play the previous or next song. The headphones were sitting pretty good in my ear during the short time I had to test them, but here again we come back with more impressions when we tested in a more orderly manner.

  • wireless headphones Xperia Ear.

  • Under Andreas extremely rapid test was fit good.

finally showed Sony even up a few more exotic products and concepts. One of these was the Xperia Touch, a combination of project and sensors to detect finger movements on the surface where the projector’s image appears. It can be used to play a game of chess, play a game of Fruit Ninja or Ludo with several other players. The device uses Android as the operating system and therefore should be able to show both video and apps from this platform. Xperia Touch is to be launched in the spring with France as the first market with more downstream market after someone information about a launch on the Swedish market, we have not at this time.

  • Xperia Touch is a projector that allows you to control the apps and media content via hand gestures.

  • Xperia Agent is a smart butler for your home, but unfortunately still only a concept.

Sony Xperia Agent is a concept technology showed up in Sony’s booth. Like an Amazon Echo, you should be able to control your digital home via simple voice commands, and naturally was demonstrated this with a range of Sony products. In addition to being able to receive commands, it should be connected to an equally smart home, and start a pot of coffee if you are feeling a bit tired at the moment. What features are included in Sony Xperia Agent is not written in stone and company representatives tell us that they don’t know if or when this might become a commercial product, or, if so, which markets it will be about. In other words, it is a launch further into the future, if it becomes of.

We should try Sony’s products in a demo room we later this afternoon and will be back with more concrete impressions then.


Star Citizen has now drawn in frightful 1.38 billion

Cloud Empire Games and Chris Roberts has in recent years stood behind it by far the largest crowdfunding success through all possible times. Development started already in February 2011 and production continues to pull in sluring. The fact is that we have now reached 1.38 billion, which is a bigger development budget than Grand Theft Auto V. Star Citizen is built on Cry Engine engine from Crysis-Studio Crytek, but Cloud Empire Games has since last year been over to the Cry Engine-based Amazon engine wandering Lumberyard, concept art.

Five-year-old press release:
“Chris Roberts, who helped define the space sim genre in computer games during the 1990s with his Wing Commander and Privateer franchises, is back in the cockpit again with a new title he says will change the way people perceive games for the PC and will breathe new life into space combat games. The new game, Star, Citizen, was officially announced today at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) Online taking place at the Austin Convention Center. The game is being developed by Roberts ‘ Cloud Empire Games studio, located in Los Angeles.

Roberts ‘ re-entry into gaming comes after he spent more than a decade as a director and producer in the Hollywood film industry. In 1990, he introduced Wing Commander to the world of PC gaming and the franchise went on to sell millions of units and spawned multiple sequels, a feature film and another highly successful game franchise, Privateer.

Star Citizen, already 12 months into production, will be launched on the PC and will include all the Chris Roberts hallmark that fans of his games have come to expect over the years: high quality cutting-edge visuals and technology, a virtual world that is immersive and detailed, a sophisticated storyline that is wide in scope and visceral, heart-pounding space combat. ”

Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen
Star Citizen


How to use your ANDROID device as a monitor for RASPBERRY PI (Giveaway link in the description)

How to use your ANDROID device as a monitor for RASPBERRY PI (Giveaway link in the description) – Hi folks, now blog want to share with you amazing video of How to use your ANDROID device as a monitor for RASPBERRY PI (Giveaway link in the description), watch the video below

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Hey guys, we are back with another video regarding Raspberry Pi and in this video, we have discussed on how to use your Android device as a monitor for Raspberry Pi. It’s pretty simple and I hope you will like it. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!

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Modulate more with Moto Z Play

Lenovo Mobile family Moto Z is equipped with all kinds of new “mods”, in which a camera module from Hasselblad is the best fuck the wearer.

During its press preview on # IFA in Berlin showed # Lenovo up its new mobile phone Moto Z Play, as well as the existing Moto Z spends on interchangeable modules for the back of the phone.

Moto Z Play should attract users with a large battery that according to Lenovo offers up to 50 hours of battery life. The display is 1080 p AMOLED screen on 5.5 inch. The phone can also be found a Snapdragon CPU and a 625-camera 16 megapixel.

But what makes Moto Z Play stands out from the crowd, of course, is the ability to extend functionality with the help of various modules. Lenovo showed during the evening up three new modules that will also work with Moto Z after a system update as promised on Thursday.

  • Crazy on a module, and nice mobile is a portable projector.

  • it is hardly HD, but the Insta-Share can project an area up to 70 inches.

the first is the module Moto Insta-Share that turns your phone into a small portable projector. The module can project an image up to 70 inches at a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels. The projector has a brightness of 50 ANSI lumens. The module also contains a built-in battery that provides up to one hour of extra projector time.

Another module is called Soundboost and is a speaker developed in collaboration with JBL/Harman. Högtalarmodulen also has a built-in support so that the phone can be set up, as well as a built-in battery that provides 10 hours of playing time without the sponge on the phone’s own battery.

Högtalarmodulen is developed together with JBL.

most exciting is enough though the new camera module True Zoom that Lenovo has been developed in collaboration with the Swedish camera maker Hasselblad. The module offers 10 x optical zoom, and can save photos in RAW format. Hasselblad-the MOD also has a built-in Xenon Flash.

what about 10-times optical zoom?

Moto Z Play goes on sale in september and will cost 499 euros or approximately 4 700 kronor. Hasselblad True Zoom gets a price of 299 euros or approximately 2 800 SEK.


The Nokia 3310 is re-launched by HMD

a modern version of the mobilklassikern Nokia 3310 offers great battery life at an affordable price, and four colors. In addition, three new smart phones under the name Nokia.

in accordance with prior rumors have Finnish # HMD new classic Nokia 3310, one of history’s most popular lures sold in around 126 million copies. The new version of the classic was shown up for fair # Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Quite like the old version is not, however, the new Nokia 3310. In comparison with its predecessor, the thinner and boasts a 2 megapixel camera and a 2.4 inch color display 320 x 240 pixels. 2017 model year of the phone also has space for a Micro SD card and more modern software in the form of Nokia 30 +.

battery life is also impressive up to 22 hours of talk time and a standby time of up to one month. The Nokia 3310 is available in four colors; Red, blue, yellow and gray to the inexpensive price of 49 euros or approximately 470 pounds. And Yes, a new version of the Snake is on the phone.

Trio of smart phones

in addition to these old classics in new suit launches HMD as expected, three new smart phones. Nokia 6 was released already in China back in January, but are now beginning to be sold globally for about 2 500 SEK. Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 becomes cheaper models for approximately 2 000 and 1 500 SEK.

All models have an execution in aluminum and displays of Gorilla glass, but differ in terms of performance and functionality. Nokia 6 is highest with a monitor at 5.5 inches. It also has a camera to 16 megapixels. Nokia 5 have a monitor at 5.2 inches, and fingerprint scanner and camera on 13 megapixels, while the Nokia 3 has a 5-inch screen and an 8 megapixel camera.

  • Nokia 6 is already popular in China.

  • Nokia 5 is a real mellanlur.

  • Nokia 3 – for the cost-conscious.


Is a Middle-earth: the Shadow of Mordor-sequel outed?

Scarcely a year ago, we could read in the stunt performer Lauren Mary Kim’s CV that she worked with Middle-earth: the Shadow of Mordor 2. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, however, were quick to deny that a sequel to the acclaimed Middle-earth: the Shadow of Mordor was underway.

Now maybe the American retailer Target has accidentally reveal the game in advance, and the title seems to be obedient to Middle-earth: the Shadow of War. The name has also been confirmed by three sources that have given us additional information. If the rumor turns out to sue, we once again playing like the Talion and Nemesis-the system should also have undergone a great improvement.

Check out the cover below.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor 2



LAS MEJORES APLICACIONES PARA ANDROID | DICIEMBRE 2016 – Hi guys, right now Droidtipsandtricks blog love to share with you a great video clip of LAS MEJORES APLICACIONES PARA ANDROID | DICIEMBRE 2016, just watch video clip right after it

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How to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device (no root)

How to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device (no root) – Hello guys, right now this site will share to you cool clip of How to connect a PS4 controller to an Android device (no root), just see clip right after it

This video shows you the steps needed to connect your PS4 controller with an Android smartphone or tablet. Once the PS4 controller is synced with your device, you’ll be able to use it to play many of your favorit Android games.

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LG turn on big with G6

the article is updated regularly as new information is presented.

It is no secret that LG G5 not became such a successful product that the company had hoped. To expand the phone’s capabilities via the modules sounded like a good idea on paper, but was not so successful in practice. LG themselves have more or less acknowledged this, and therefore completely abandons the concept of modularity with LG G6.

Mobile manufacturers makes it increasingly difficult to keep product news secret for their dismantling, and the leaked pictures on LG G6 turned out sue. The most striking aspect of the phone is the screen that covers almost all of the phone’s front page, and only a small strip chassis above and below the screen is the only thing that does not consist of a monitor.

The monitor uses the usual LG’s LCD/IPS panels, and the company is one of the few of the big players that have not jumped on the AMOLED-train. A change that the LG claims originate from requests is that the phone will have a big screen, but should also be small in the hand.

the Panel is 5.7 inch large but fits in the same form factor as a traditional phone with 5.2 inch big screen. and brag with resolution QHD + (or 2880 x 1440 pixels). The concept around the screen is called the Full vision, and in addition to the size, this means a change to the image ratio 18:9. This aspect ratio, called Univisiun, to be able to unify the image material from typical HD products in the technology industry and the standards that apply in the world of film.

LG also mentions that they are not elected to have the screen go out all the way to the edge, like Samsung’s Edge-models, because their research shows that it leads to too many accidental pressure on the screen. The screen does not go all the way to the edge also means that it is less sensitive if the user would lose the phone.

For this aspect to be exploited also requires material support it, and LG claims that both Amazon and Google Play has begun to update the video content for the new format. There is also a feature that zooms in on video material with different aspect ratio so that non-compliant material may be displayed correctly. When it comes to HDR supports G6 both Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

For customers to quickly be able to take advantage of your screen LG offer six free bet in Play that leverages both image ratio 18:9 and HDR support. According to game developer which was presented on stage will be the phone’s compact format make the games easier to play compared with the experience of the market’s growing phone format.

The leaked information were also in agreement with the system circuit used in LG G6. Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 stands for horsepower, this because other players reaped the early orders of the newer circuit Snapdragon 835. Processor chip is cooled by a heat pipes.

Camera portion is an area where LG’s previous flagship phones impressed greatly, for example, the market stood in LG G4 absolute top when it came to photography. LG G6 focuses once again on this particular area. The camera module does not protrude out beyond the phone’s chassis, which is of course nice.

LG’s camera lens with wide angle perspective returns in the G6, but now supported an angle of 100 degrees, compared to 82 degrees that typically supported in today’s camera phones. Perspective can be toggled by zooming in and out of the picture in real time, as if to record videos in 4 k resolution.

Just as rumors have stated, the phone is protected according to IP68 standard, which means water and dust resistance.

The battery capacity is 3300 milliampere-hours, which should lead to respectable battery life on LG made a good job of optimizing software.

LG G6 may also support Google’s Google AI Assistant Assistant, which means that the LG so don’t try to take on Apple and Samsung with its own Assistant.

Aspect has also been used to provide more space for the user experience in software. LG focuses on a concept the company calls 1.1 relation in software. This means that the screen can be split into two exact squares that can display different types of content. An example of how this can be used, the camera is where the upper square can show the image stream from the camera while the lower square can display the pictures you have taken. The interface is pretty clean, though composed LG’s traditional colourful icons.

LG G6 comes in three colors: blue, black and gray.