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Microsoft Unveils Surface Studio

just as we had expected was today’s Microsoft-event not only for Windows 10, although the system arguably is at the heart of everything the company does nowadays. In addition to introducing upgraded versions of existing products showed Panos Panay, General Manager of Microsoft Devices, even the company’s own Imac competitor.

Surface Book i7

first off, however, was an upgraded version of the portable 2-in-1-computer Surface Book that was introduced last year. Microsoft has based this year’s changes at feedback from customers, and speaking of customers lifted the company to customer satisfaction with Surface Book indeed is higher than that of any Macbook model. The feedback from customers has mainly been about the gaming customer crowd want faster image update, and drafters in CAD software would have less lag. Common to all feedback should also have been getting better battery life.

the new Surface Book-model retains the same shape but get better performance, among other things, a Geforce GTX 965-grafikkrets.

Microsoft’s response to this is to stop in improvements on these points in the same chassis as the computer was introduced with. Improvements in the sharpest model means a Core i7 processor of the latest cut, a Geforce GTX 965 m graphics card which will provide dual graphics performance and this card also runs the new Pixelsense display. Despite the upgraded hardware, the computer should have gotten 30 percent better battery life, which becomes a full 16 hours, a very impressive figure, which takes the lead among portable computers. The secret of the good battery life include a redesigned cooling system, but also that they simply managed to squeeze in more batteries in the same chassis.

even though the shape is the same, Microsoft has managed to scare up an impressive battery life of 16 hours.

Microsoft also highlighted that the computer’s computational power at 1.9 teraflops is considerably faster than the competing models of Macbook Pro 13-tumsklassen. The prize for the most advanced model will be 2 399 dollars which is equivalent to about 26 000 SEK in Sweden. The computer will be available in november, but exactly which markets this is, at the time of writing, unclear. Simpler configurations starting at 1 499 dollars (13,000) and goes up from there. Surface Pro 4 remains available with prices starting at $ 899 (about 8,000 dollars), but if the product also has a upgraded hardware was not mentioned.

News-Surface Studio

the big news, however, was a direct competitor to Apple’s Imac family, namely Surface Studio. This is a desktop computer with a 28 inch Pixelsense display protected by Gorilla Glass. The chassis is made of aluminum and measures only 12.5 millimetres, i.e. just over a centimeter. The screen has a 3:2 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 192 dots per inch. According to Microsoft, this is the thinnest LCD ever created. Inside sits a Core i7 processor of the latest cut, a 2 terabyte large hybrid hard drive and Nvidia Geforce Graphics card handled 980 m. Little unexpectedly snaps thus Microsoft Apple of the fingers in relation to video performance.

Surface Studio is a computer that gives creators access to a competent display and a Dial-accessories.

the screen also supports something that Microsoft calls True Color that allows the screen to be calibrated for different needs. It supported both the SRGB color space and DCI-P3, which means that it covers both the consumer needs professional graphics. Microsoft has also equipped the Windows operating system, 10 with the ability to scale on the content so that it corresponds to its actual size. This function is called the True Scale and was demonstrated by an A4 page in a document on the screen were exactly equal to that of a real A4 page that was held up as a reference. One inch in the real world should be one inch on the screen.

computer is just 12.5 millimetres thick, which is made possible by a particularly thin LCD panel.

Panos Panay also highlighted that the computer is silent and has been adapted in order to also be able to be used by gamers, which means that there is built-in support for wireless controllers. Four floating anchors under the computer’s foot should make it easy to move and tilt the computer. An integrated set of microphones to make it convenient to use the intelligent voice service Cortana. An integrated Studio HD camera can be used for logging with Windows Hello.

Surface Studio is equipped with a Geforce GTX 980 m, significantly more graphics performance than the Imac family can boast of.

Surface Studio should be more than just a desktop computer, according to Microsoft, and as expected based this assertion on the screen can be folded down so that it is close to flat against the surface. Support enables your computer screen can be folded down so that the computer can be angled with a 20 degree slope toward the table. Thus, the machine is transformed into a large drawing pad. In between, you can choose the angle and height to set the computer on. It is possible to sit with the arm against the screen and draw with the other hand thanks to the fact that Windows already can feel of wrists and non-desirable body parts.

the biggest distinguishing factor with Surface Studio is that it can be laid down on the table with only 20 degrees at the most.

Surface Dial is a control devices for creative people, a circular “puck” which is used to control the content in the system. The tiny wireless wheel can be positioned on the screen or anywhere else and is integrated in Windows. With it you can fast forward and back through your actions with the wheel, zoom in and out of the interface, scrolling through the pages in a document, and so on. Dial will also work with other products as Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. How creative works can be created with Surface Studio, pen and Dial control was demonstrated among other things by a representative of the company Madefire that creates cartoons with motion and sound.

Surface Studio can pre-order today and costs 2 999 dollars, which should be equivalent to just over 33 000 kroons. Again, it is unclear which markets this applies. Microsoft also announced that the Edition will initially be extremely limited.


PlayStation Plus games for november revealed

Sony usually unveil upcoming Playstation Plus titles on the last Wednesday of every month, and this is no exception. If you like to walk around and explore, take part of a sci-fi B-movie, run rally, go on adventures with your friends in costumes, help the grim reaper or do crazy tricks with a BMX bike can this month’s selection of interest to you.

• Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture for PS4
• The Deadly Tower of Monsters for PS4
• Dirt 3 for PS3
• Costume Quest 2 for PS3
• Letter Quest Remastered for PS White and PS4
• Pumped BMX + PS White

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Pokémon Go has drawn in 160 million dollars

according to analysis firm Annie pulls Niantic Labs in incredible 10 million dollars a day on Pokemon Go through the App Store and Google Play. A completely absurd amount, you might think? According to the Sensor Tower have microtransactions in Pokémon Go a total of suspended 160 million dollars (i.e. sick 1.3 billion svanska dollars), all this in the over month that the game existed in the market.

Take a look at the picture below you can see how money spent on a daily basis was developed after the Pokémon Go was released in Europe around July 22.

Pokémon Go


Highlights from Apple’s quarterly report

Apple announced yesterday its results for fiscal fourth quarter. In addition to the figures also answered Tim Cook on issues from Apple’s investors, and as usual goes some interesting information to read out his reply. Here are some highlights from the report’s question time:

“it is possible to combine AI and user privacy”

Tim Cook got a question about Apple’s digital assistant Siri, and the balance between data collection and user privacy. Cook responded that Siri is now accepting 2 billion requests each week and that Apple probably is the company that shipped the most devices with built-in voice Assistant. How many people actually use the voice functions, however, he was not in on.

Tim Cook also highlighted Apple’s efforts at making Siri available in more countries than United States, an area in which the competitors like Google and Amazon is after. Cook also said that Siri probably is more useful in a mobile phone than a special home device’s settings. Nevertheless, he admitted that devices such as the Amazon, Echo has a market, but that digital assistants in mobiles will be higher.

Tim Cook also dismissed the idea of an efficient AI solution requires that user privacy is compromised. Many analysts believe that Google’s smart services are ahead of competitors because of a massive data collection. The relevant safety facet says Cook:

– the balance between privacy and AI is a long discussion, but at a higher level, it is a false dichotomy. Some want you to believe that you have to give up your private life to an AI to be able to help you, but we don’t buy it. It may require more work, and more work for us, but I do not think that we should give up our privacy. It’s like the age-old debate about privacy and security. You’ll get both. You shouldn’t have to make that choice.

about Apple’s future car plans, and

Tim Cook was also asked about Apple’s much-discussed project to build a self-driving car. Cook uncovered, of course Apple’s plans, but said that the car industry is “interesting”. Cook also said that Apple is investing more than in the past on research and development, and that there is a way to “confidently investing in the future”. Cook says:

– We always investigate new opportunities and cars is an area in which it is clear that many new technologies are to become available … or will revolutionize car experience. It is interesting from that perspective. But we definitely have nothing to announce today.

Tim Cook also said that Apple as a company “has a very clear sense” over which way the trend is going. He says that the company is agile, and they can quickly shift focus and move around employees based on where it’s needed. According to Cook, Apple has a very strong product strategy for the närmasten years, but they obviously do not want to reveal the early.

finally gave Cook several clues ahead of Thursday’s mediaevent. He started question time by saying that Apple’s customers “will to love” that showed up on Thursday. Later, in response to a question about the declining Mac sales, Apple said that despite the Cook had the largest user base of Mac in the company’s history in september. He also said that Apple has “very exciting news” for current and future Mac owner very soon.

Apple mediaevent is on Thursday at 19:00 Swedish time, and it will be broadcast live over the net.


Microsoft Windows livestreamar 10-event today

Microsoft will keep a life est off mad event directly from New York today where they’ll tell you about the next chapter for Windows 10 and related products. The latter can include things like PC gaming, Surface and Xbox One. Several innovations are promised and the event kicks off at 16:00. You can follow it live on this link.



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1Password adds subscription for individuals

1password password manager can be purchased for a one-time fee or by paying each month. It is now possible to subscribe to the service as well as an individual, since the former are subscriptions for teams and families.

in november last year launched Agilebits, the developers behind the password manager # 1password, a service for users who want to collaborate in groups and share access and password with each other that are paid per month. They also offer since February this year a similar arrangement for families. Now comes a third subscription options for individuals. In a blog post Agilebits describes what is included in your subscription.

  • Built-in automatic synchronization to all devices

  • protection against data loss

  • access to your data at

  • history to recover deleted or changed items

  • the safe storage of documents

  • new multifaktorsäkerhetsmodell

in addition, subscribers access to 1password on all platforms and all updates during the subscription period is free. 1Password for individuals costs 3 dollars a month, while the family plan (up to 5 members) costs 5 dollars a month.

For those who are not interested, please sign up, it is still possible to buy 1password for a fixed one time fee. Users who choose the subscription model and do it before 21 september this year, the first six months free.

-1Password Password Manager and Secure Wallet
AgileBits Inc.
Free (Pro features buy inside the app, 109 SEK)
requires IOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with Iphone, Ipad and Ipod Touch.
Swedish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, afrikaans, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Catalan, Korean, Croatian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, German, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese

AgileBits Inc.
695 kr
OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit CPU
Swedish, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, afrikaans, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Catalan, Korean, Croatian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, German, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese


Apple’s Iphone sales continue to decline

Apple’s Iphone sales declines for third consecutive quarter, and revenues from China has dropped by 30 percent compared to the same quarter last year. But services are growing fast.

During Tuesday evening has # Apple reported results for its fourth quarter of 2016, which includes the months of July, August and september. Apple reported revenue of 46.9 billion u.s. dollars (equivalent to 418 billion) and a net profit of 9 billion dollars for the quarter (equivalent to 80 billion us dollars).

Iphone 7 has not had time to affect the outcome significantly for Q4 in 2016.

Apple sold 45.5 million Iphones during the quarter, which is a decrease compared to the corresponding quarter of 2015, when the figure was 48 million. Even the Ipad sales fell from 9.9 million units during the fourth quarter to 9.3 million this quarter. Mac sales fell to 4.9 million copies from 5.7 million copies for the same period last year.

Worth mentioning is also that China reduce properly with 30 percent against the previous year’s Q4. China has been identified as one of the most important markets for Apple to secure future growth.

Something, however, continued to grow is Apple’s category of services, which include Apple Music, Apple Pay, and the App Store. Services generated revenues of 6.3 billion dollars, or 56 billion. Fourth quarter low these revenues of $ 5 billion, or almost 45 billion.

Services as Apple Music is becoming more and more important.

in a press release along with the report says Apple ceo Tim Cook:

– our strong september-quarter ends a lot strong fiscal year. We are entranced by our customers ‘ acceptance of the Iphone 7, Iphone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, as well as the incredible growth of our services, where revenues grew by 24%, which is a new record.

next # interim report (Q1 2017) gives Apple the following guidelines:

  • revenues of between 76 and 78 billion dollars.

  • Gross margin of between 38 and 38.5%.

  • Operating expenses of between 6.9 and $ 7 billion.

  • Other income/expenditure at 400 million dollars.

  • Tax rate of 26 percent.